Is the Nikon D850 Good for Beginners? [2020]

Is the Nikon D850 Good for Beginners?

Let’s talk about what makes a digital camera good for beginners and then see if the Nikon D850 has those features.

Good Camera Features for Beginners

  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Comfortable camera body in your hands
  • Easy to use controls/buttons
  • Easy to use LCD screen menu system
  • Ergonomically designed – grip to controls relationship and position
  • Accurate and fast Auto Focus system
  • Easy to use Auto Exposure system
  • Easy lens mount
  • Easy to view and/or edit images
  • Easy to download images to computer

So how well does the Nikon D850 do with these features?

Lightweight and compact body – the Nikon D850 is very well designed to make it very comfortable to hold for long periods of time in many positions including portrait and landscape. The grip texture is amazing and prevents slippage even with sweaty hands. The design of the body feels really good in your hands. It does not tire your hands like other cameras do. It’s lightweight adds to the positive experience. It weighs a mere 32 ounces but it feels much lighter.

Nikon D850 Front

Comfort – the D850 is very well designed to make it easy to hold and comfortable. You don’t want a camera that tires your hands when holding it. Ergonomics is King and the D850 is a perfect example. It’s very easy to hold the D850 for 2 or 3 hours and not know it.

Easy to Use Controls – this is where a camera can excel for beginners. It must be easy to pick up and start shooting. If it’s too complex, a beginner will get frustrated and replace it. Beginners like a “point and shoot” at first and then will begin to learn how to use some of the manual settings. The D850 has its controls in perfect positions so you can access them without changing your grip on the camera. You can change settings while viewing your subject. The D850 will do everything for you when in Auto mode. You just have to turn it on and select Auto….now start shooting.

LCD Screen and Menu System – the D850’s LCD screen is large at 3.2 inches and HD quality so it’s very clear. The menu system is intuitive and massive but is pretty easy for beginners to navigate. You can figure it out by experimenting or by watching a tutorial on youtube or reading a book on the D850. Most people just jump in and start moving around in the menu to see what settings are where.

Nikon D850 Back

Ergonomically Designed – the D850 body design is a dream. The controls/button/knobs are in perfect position to access easily while holding the camera and viewing a subject. The top display shows you the settings and is very easy to read, even in low light. This is ideal for beginners who are still figuring out the best way to hold a camera.

Accurate and Fast Auto Focus System – the D850 offers a superb AF system, the Multi-CAM 20K AF with 153 AF points. It’s the best there is and is extremely fast when coupled with Expeed 5 processors. It will make every image perfect, as fast as you can shoot. Great for beginners and Pros alike.

Auto Modes – auto modes are AWESOME for beginners!!!! Just turn on AF and AE and start shooting. It doesn’t get easier. The D850 brings the best Auto Modes to make beginners look like Pro’s.

Lens Mount – the Nikon lens mount is the K Bayonet Mount and is very easy to manage. It takes just seconds to change a lens, even in total darkness.

View/Edit Images/Video – the large LCD touch screen makes viewing and editing images a snap. The menu system is very easy to use, even for a first time photographer.

Download Images/Video – built in WiFi makes uploading images and video very easy. Just connect to an available WiFi and upload. Very simple.

Nikon D850 Comments

The Nikon D850 is a very advanced and feature filled digital camera. It has very complex systems and a myriad of settings BUT it manages to make shooting easy for everyone via its Auto Modes. It takes all of the complicated work out of shooting so beginners can manage a high end camera easily. No one wants to spend days reading a manual in order to use his/her new camera. Just pick it up, turn it on and shoot. Right?