What is the Hook in a Swiss Army Knife For?

Swiss Army Knife Hook Tool

The multipurpose hook tool (or parcel hook) was added to various Swiss Army knives in 1991. Typically any Swiss Army knife that has scissors will also have the multipurpose hook tool. These 2 tools share the same spring.

The multipurpose hook tool is a great addition to any Swiss Army knife and has many uses. Here is a list of some popular multipurpose hook uses.

  • Fish gaff/carrier
  • Carrier/handle for packages, etc
  • Grabbing wire tied objects
  • Grabbing tangled fishing line
  • Retrieving hard to get items
  • Door stop or wedge
  • Pull string or line through a difficult spot

The Swiss Army knife body and the multipurpose hook tool form a T handle which makes it ideal for carrying anything that is bound with wire or string. If you are interested in shopping for a Swiss Army Knife, here is a link where you can get some good deals…Swiss Army Knives at Amazon.com