What Do the Tools on a Swiss Army Knife Do?

Swiss Army Knife Tools

Large blade – can be used for cutting or slicing any non-metallic materials like leather, wood, string, cardboard, thin plastic, fishing line, fabric, canvas, meat, etc.

Bottle Opener – the bottle opener tool has 3 functions. It can obviously open any type of beverage bottle that has a metal cap. The 2nd function is a large straight slot screwdriver and the 3rd is a wire stripper.

Can Opener – the can opener tool can open cans of food easily. It just takes a little bit of elbow grease. The 2nd function is a small Phillips screwdriver.

Small Blade – the small smooth edge blade opposes the large blade and is very handy for small cutting jobs like cutting string or rope.

Reamer – the reamer tool also has 2 functions. It’s a great hole punch and hole reamer. It can be used on non-metallic materials like leather, thin wood, cardboard and canvas. The 2nd function is a heavy duty sewing needle. You can fasten or sew 2 pieces of leather together with some twine.

Corkscrew – opens wine bottles or other corked bottles.

Tweezers – used to grab onto tiny objects like splinters or thorns and pulling them out.

Tooth Pick – used to remove food from teeth.

Scissors – used to cut or slice materials like paper, string, fishing line, fabric, canvas, etc.

Multi Purpose Hook – used mainly to carry items that have a string or wire wrapping. Also known as a Parcel Hook.

Wood Saw – cut small diameter tree limbs or anything wood.

Fish Scaler – removing scales from fish before filleting.

Hook Disgorger – this tool is at the end of the scaler and will help remove a fish hook safely.

Ruler – used to measure lengths in inches.

Nail File – great for filing fingernails but can also be used to file anything like wood stakes or nails.

Metal File – this is on the opposite side of the Nail File.

Nail Cleaner – on the end of the Nail File, there is a fingernail cleaner tool.

Metal Saw – on the edge of the Nail File is a metal saw.

Fine Screwdriver – used to tighten or loosen very small screws like on eyeglasses.

Wood Chisel – used to carve or remove wood

Pliers – used to grab or compress/crimp objects

Wire Cutters – found on the inside of the Pliers and can be used to cut metal wire.

Wire Crimping Tool – found in the middle of the Plier handles and is used to connect 2 wires via a crimp connector.

Phillips Screwdriver – used to tighten or loosen Phillips type screws or bolts

Magnifying Glass/Lens – used to enlarge the view of anything that is difficult to see. It can also start a fire if the Sun is out.

Ball Point Pen – writing

Straight Pin – used for depressing very small buttons like a Reset button or removing splinters.

Mini Screwdriver – is found inside the corkscrew and used for very small screws.

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