Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

The Swiss Army Huntsman pocket knife feature 15 functions and comes with a handy leather pouch. The Huntsman is the middle of the road as far as Swiss Army Knives go…it’s not too small and not too big. It has plenty of functions that will make many tasks simple and doable. You just never know when you’ll need a handy multi function pocket knife!

The Huntsman is available in 10 different colors and retails for $35.00. I like the Sapphire!

Let’s take a look at the 15 functions of the Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife.

  1. Large Blade
  2. Small Blade
  3. Corkscrew
  4. Can Opener
  5. Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws)
  6. Bottle Opener
  7. Large Screwdriver
  8. Wire Stripper
  9. Reamer
  10. Key Ring
  11. Tweezers
  12. Toothpick
  13. Scissors
  14. Multi-purpose Hook (parcel carrier)
  15. Wood Saw

I would have to say that the most frequently used function of most Swiss Army pocket knives are the scissors, large blade and the screwdriver.

All Swiss Army pocket knives come with a lifetime warranty against defective materials and workmanship. Just contact Victorinox and they will take care of you. It’s that simple.

All Swiss Army pocket knives are made in Switzerland and machined from stainless steel.