Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

The Swiss Army Climber pocket knife is a great choice among the many models. It’s a nice compromise between the huge Champ and the small Classic SD pocket knife. It has a good assortment of tools that are very useful everyday even if you’re not an outdoors-man. The scissors are handy to have no matter where you are, inside or outside. The same with a sharp blade.

The Swiss Army Climber pocket knife features 14 functions and comes in 8 colors. It retails for $32.00.

All Swiss Army pocket knives are made of stainless steel and warrantied for life against material defects and workmanship. You never have to worry about it. It’s covered and will be replaced if defective. Swiss Army pocket knives are made in Switzerland and NOT China.

Here are the tools included with the Climber pocket knife.

  1. Large Blade
  2. Small Blade
  3. Corkscrew
  4. Can Opener
  5. Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws)
  6. Bottle Opener
  7. Large Screwdriver
  8. Wire Stripper
  9. Reamer
  10. Key Ring
  11. Tweezers
  12. Toothpick
  13. Scissors
  14. Multi-purpose Hook (Parcel Carrier)