Nikon D610 Refurbished DSLR Camera

Nikon D610 refurbished DSLR Camera – Why Buy?

Here are the reasons you might want to buy a refurbished Nikon D610 DSLR Camera. I have had several models and will never buy New again.

  1. Save up to $500 off the retail price of a new D610
  2. Same functionality as a new D610
  3. 95-99% perfect physical condition – no scratches, dents or wear marks.
  4. Buy a higher end Nikon camera for the same price as a lower end New Nikon camera
  5. No risk purchase…if not totally satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.
  6. Fully inspected, cleaned and repaired if needed by certified Nikon repair station. It’s warrantied too.

Nikon D610 Refurbished camera

Where can you get one like this? Here is a link (look for a refurbished listing among the new and used)…Shop Now at

So what exactly is a refurbished Nikon D610 Camera?

A refurbished Nikon D610 camera is a camera that was bought at a retail store and then returned for some reason. It could be any reason like buyers remorse, wrong model, missing item(s), damaged, damaged box, scratched, dented, dead battery, etc. The retail store can not resell it as New. Nikon does not allow this. It must be sent to a certified Nikon repair station and inspected, tested and repaired if needed and all original items must accompany it like manual, software, accessories, battery, etc. A Certified Nikon repair station does all this. After the returned camera has passed all tests and verified to be ready for resale, it will be sent to a Nikon dealer for resale. It is discounted significantly because it is no longer considered New. Functionally, it is a new camera.