Nikon D5 Used DSLR – Like New Save $1800

Nikon D5 Used Digital SLR Camera

Used Nikon D5 are some of the best bargains in professional DSLR cameras. You get the absolute best quality DSLR camera available at a discounted price that is really hard to beat.

Used Nikon D5’s are always in tip top condition, so you do not have to worry about it’s functionality or overall condition. It will look “like new”. Professional photographers take excellent care of their cameras as you might expect. They have them cleaned and inspected at least once per year and sometimes twice a year.

So what kind of prices do used Nikon D5’s go for?

Here are just a few samples:

  • Used – very good condition $4,250.00
  • Used – very good condition $4,580.00
  • Used – Like New condition $4,650.00
  • New $5,997.00

Nikon D5 Used DSLR Camera - front

Nikon D5 Used DSLR Camera - back view

Why Buy a Used Nikon D5 DSLR Camera?

  • Save up to $2000
  • Buy a higher end camera for the same price as a lower end
  • New Nikon D5 DSLR Camera retail price $6000
  • Used Nikon DSLR Camera sales price $4200 – $5000
  • Used Nikon D5’s are well maintained and clean
  • Excellent Nikon Customer Service – should you need it.
  • Holds its value if the condition is excellent – a good investment
  • Free shipping from some suppliers
  • Money back guarantee – no risk
  • Low shutter counts
  • 200 day warranty from 1 supplier

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Used Nikon D5 Considerations

  • Some of the used Nikon D5’s only have a few thousand shots taken. One of them only has 466 shots and another actually has never been used.
  • Most, probably all of these, used Nikon D5’s have been recently serviced and cleaned just like a refurbished camera.
  • Money back guarantee will remove all risk. If you are not happy with the camera, you can return it and get ALL of your MONEY BACK.

Used/Refurbished Nikon D5 DSLR Camera Reviews

Just arrived today, but the D5 looks like it’s never been touched before. It was in a plain box, not the D5 box, but included all the original accessories and works perfectly!

I won’t review the functionality of the camera, because that’s not what you’re here for. This listing for the Refurb model is legit. Pull the trigger.

Got it in the next day!! was so fast! I am very happy as well! My dream came true!
Best ever! Nikon D5 (refurbished) LIKE NEW! No scratches, nothing! Full body brand new!

As a professional photographer of over 25 years, I’ve enjoyed seeing the advancements of film photography and now digital. My D5 was added to the camera bag about a year ago and has been an awesome tool.

The improved high-ISO allows for greater versatility when a tripod can’t be used or the subject won’t remain still. I have yet to reach the buffer using a QXD card and shooting RAW, which is insanely awesome for the work I do. The ease and access to all buttons and nobs is extremely intuitive and I’ve lost count of the number of times the camera has leaped from my hands onto a hard surface. The beast keeps ticking! Best part is that the price for pro-level DSLR’s continues to come down. Nikon’s flagship is about $1500 less than where its predecessors were when they plateaued around the $8000 range a few short years ago.

Nikon D5 DSLR Camera Product Video from Nikon USA.