Gun Control Myth

Gun Violence? What the heck is Gun Violence?

Gun violence is an excuse to escape or redirect blame for a fatality or injury from the use of a firearm. Humans love to point the finger at someone or something else. They never want to accept reality or responsibility.

Guns don’t kill…people and animals do.

There are organizations trying to push stricter gun laws…mostly for political reasons. These organizations are not forthright in their ideologies. Making it harder to legally buy a firearm will not reduce violent crime. Just look at cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit. These cities have very strict firearm laws and just about ban handguns, yet the crime rate is very high. Washington DC banned handguns a few years ago and yet crime remained the same which is very high. So you know the reason behind anti-gun groups is not reducing crime.

Gaby Gifford was shot by a mentally disturbed person who purchased firearms legally. Guns and gun laws had nothing to do with this crime. The problem was the perpetrator. He had mental issues which caused him to act against people. Do you think he would have been a normal citizen if he could not have gotten a gun? NO WAY. He was rebelling against society. He would have used a bomb if a firearm was not available. A bomb would have killed more people. Gabby Gifford supports gun law reform because of politics or a false belief that removing guns from society will lower crime. If you believe the latter, just look back in time when there were no guns…Romans, Vikings, Egyptians, etc. Was it peaceful in those times?

So are guns used in most crimes? NOPE. Look at statistics and you will see that far more crimes occur from knives and fists than guns. Few people believe this because the News stations only show the most horrific crimes which involve firearms. The media makes it look like most crimes involve guns. The media are only interested in ratings not useful information.

Society doesn’t want to accept the real problem….people and/or economic situations. People under stress act differently than content people. Stress makes people more aggressive and often violent. If you look at crime rates in wealthy cities/countries, you’ll notice it’s very low. In poor countries, the crime rate is very high like Africa, Mexico, Central America and South America. Take a look at Somalia. It is a very poor region and it’s the most dangerous place on Earth. People resort to violence when confronted with starvation, disease and hopelessness.

Russia does not allow citizens to own a firearm unless for hunting. I think about 5% of Russians own a gun. Yet look at the crime rate. It’s very high. Russia’s economy is sinking and people are mostly poor. People become desperate and do what they think is required to survive. Russian drivers are some of the worst in the world. Go figure.

Liberal groups want to ban guns because they think it will reduce violent crime. Do “bans” work? Heroin and Cocaine are banned substances. Are they still a problem?

….people are the problem.