Coin Collecting Supplies

Coin Collecting Supplies

So what kinds of things do you need to start coin collecting?

Coin collecting is actually a pretty inexpensive hobby and you don’t need much to start. You can easily start with a coin folder or album, a simple magnifying glass and some coins. It’s pretty simple.

Let’s take a look at some coin collecting supplies.

Coin Folders or Albums

Coin folders or albums are not really necessary but sure do organize things and assist with tracking what you have and what you do not have. Since they are pretty inexpensive, you should really have them.

Coin folders or albums are designed to hold a specific coin in each slot. There are slots marked for each year and sometimes a specific Mint like “D” for Denver or “S” for San Francisco. The goal is to fill each slot with the correct coin. It’s really fun to search for a specific coin in order to fill another slot. The hunt is on!

There are coin folders for each denomination like pennies, nickles, dimes, half dollars and silver dollars. There are also special types of folders like for State Quarters or Lincoln Cents. These are specialty albums or folders.

There are also generic folders where you decide what coins you wish to collect. If you like collecting silver dollars but want to include all silver dollars like Eisenhower, Morgan, Peace and the Silver Eagle. You could keep all of these in one album and label them any way you want. The options are endless which makes it fun.

Magnifying Glass

OK, these come in handy and are almost a must have unless your eyesight is like an Eagle. The print on some coins is very small and can be worn significantly. This makes it pretty hard to read. A nice magnifying glass makes this very easy.

lighted magnifying glass

There are many types from a simple hand held plastic magnifying glass to a lighted 100 power microscope that can connect to a smart phone. You could spend $5 or $50. I like the desk mounted type instead of a hand held. The desktop models are more stable and don’t move around like a hand held. It’s easier to see the fine details when grading a coin. The lighted ones are even better.

A nice magnifying glass or microscope makes coin collecting much more exciting. You can really see the details of the coin like die marks and/or wear.

digital coin collecting magnifying glass

This is a digital magnifying glass or microscope that can be used for coin collecting. It is fantastic! It doesn’t get any better than this.

Coin Cleaning Supplies

All you need to clean coins is a container or bowl, soft bristle tooth brush and Dawn dish soap or sometimes, Isopropyl Alcohol and salt for really nasty coins. Distilled water is also good to have around. It’s always best to clean coins with distilled water to prevent damage from chlorine or other contaminates/chemicals found in tap water.

White Cotton Gloves

You might consider a few pairs of white cotton gloves if you collect proof, uncirculated and very high grade coins. Cotton gloves prevent damage to the surface of the coin due to the chemicals emitted from your skin.

Coin Collecting Books

The more you know, the better you become at coin collecting especially if you want to collect rare and very valuable coins. One great book to get is the Guide Book of United States Coins, if that is what you are collecting. There is a ton of interesting and helpful information in this huge guide.

There are books on grading coins, how to collect coins, how to value coins, how to collect specific coins like pennies, how to make money collecting coins, how to find valuable coins in pocket change and many more.

Now you can get started. Here is a beginners guide to coin collecting for more info.