Coin Collecting for Kids

Coin Collecting for Kids

So how many kids do you know that like to play with money?

… do you think coin collecting is a good hobby for kids?

No Brainer right? Ahhh YES

Coin collecting can keep kids occupied for hours on end and for weeks, months or even years. Not only does it keep them occupied but it also helps them learn about money, history and art.

How to Get Kids Started in Coin Collecting

This is sooooo easy…..just dump a can of change on the floor. Most kids will run over and start sorting through the coins. Most kids, boys and girls, have a natural attraction to money. Some like to spend it while others are savers. Most will enjoy collecting it and putting it into albums.

Start saving all of your change in a can for them to later sort through. Buy some coin folders or albums for the different denominations like pennies, nickles and dimes. Show your kids what coins go where in the albums if they do not already know.

Penny and nickle coin folders or albums are good ones to start with for the simple reason there are more of those coins in your change. If you get quarter folders then there will be less coins to go through and place in the folder. Kids may get discouraged with quarters if they don’t find any news ones for the album. Pennies are the best because you can buy rolls of pennies very cheaply to supplement your change. You can keep kids busy easily.

Penny coin folder

Coin Banks

To assist with keeping the interest of kids in coin collecting there are coin banks that not only store 1000 coins but also count the value as you insert the coins. It’s really cool and kids love them.

Digital coin bank

This glass jar bank allows kids to see the coins inside and tells them how much money they have saved. Another way that kids can learn math and money skills.

There are lots of ways to keep kids interested. Here is one more…

Cleaning Coins

Pennies can get really dirty but it’s pretty simple to clean them and bring back the luster they used to have. Here are some simple ways to clean coins.

  1. Run each coin under warm water for a few minutes. The warm tap water will remove loose debris. You can rub the surface of the coin gently with your fingers. Now dry on a paper towel
  2. Put about a cup of warm water in a small container or bowl. Now add a few drops of Dawn liquid soap. Mix until soapy. Place any coins you want to clean in the mixture and let them soak for 10 minutes or more. Use a soft bristle tooth brush to gently brush dirt and debris from the coins. Now rinse with distilled water or tap water. Dry with a paper towel.
  3. (Not for Kids) Pour 1 cup of Isopropyl alcohol in a container or bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of salt. Mix for a few minutes until the salt is dissolved. Now place the coins you want to clean in the mixture and let them soak for 2 hours or up to a week. Isopropyl alcohol is a general solvent and will remove stuff that water cannot. After the coins are done soaking, rinse them thoroughly in distilled water and then dry them with a paper towel.

Silver Eagle Half Dollar dirty

Here is the before cleaning in the Isopropyl Alcohol bath. This is a 1942 Walking Liberty silver half dollar.

Silver Eagle Half Dollar clean

Here is the same Walking Liberty half dollar after the coin bath in isopropyl alcohol. It removed all of the dirt very easily.

Kids love when they take a really dirty coin and make it shiny like new. They will get a lot of pleasure from this. It is fun.