What is a Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

So what exactly is a cold brew coffee maker?

The short answer is, it can be anything from a sophisticated electronic coffee press to something as simple as a mason jar.

A cold brew coffee maker uses room temperature or cold water and coarsely ground roasted coffee beans to produce cold brew coffee. It’s a very simple process. You basically soak ground coffee beans in water for 24-36 hours and then enjoy.

Cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot brewed and much easier on your stomach. Hot brewed coffee can sometimes upset your stomach or produce excess stomach gas and bloating.

The simplest and least expensive way to cold brew coffee is to buy a 2 liter mason jar with a stainless steel filter that fits inside the jar. These are sold together.

Here’s how you cold brew coffee.

You fill the metal filter with coarsely ground coffee and then fill the jar with filtered water. Now put the lid on and screw it on tight. Shake the jar to thoroughly saturate the ground coffee and remove the air. Now top off the jar with more water until full. Place the jar in the refrigerator for 24-36 hours or place it on your counter top for 12-18 hours. When it’s done, remove the metal filter with the ground coffee. Now your cold brew coffee is ready to serve or store in the frig.

Intrigued your interest? Here’s a link so you can check out all of your options for cold brewing coffee….Cold Brew Coffee Makers at Amazon.com

Household Product Warning Labels

In the last couple of years, I’ve become much more conscience of Warning Labels on products I use. I started thinking about chemicals after my dad died from Lymphoma which is a cancer involving the lymph system. The doctor told me it may have been caused by chemicals my dad was exposed to.

My dad was an aircraft mechanic in the Navy and worked with many nasty petroleum based and other chemicals like ketones, petroleum and synthetic oils, hydraulic fluid, paint, ammonia, etc. Skydrol was one such hydraulic fluid that would strip paint off of metal in seconds. His skin came in contact with these chemicals daily. He breathed the fumes into his lungs. There were no safety measures in the industry back then. These toxic chemicals built up in his system and eventually triggered cancer.

I now read all Warning Labels. Here is a label from a Tile and Grout cleaner from DuPont:

Caution: Maybe harmful if swallowed. May cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation.

Now I don’t even change the oil in my car. Petro oil is toxic to humans.

I’m also aware of cleaning products I use in the house like Windex. Read the Warning Label on a bottle of Windex. Windex has Ammonium Hydroxide which is a toxic chemical. Here are some more chemicals in Windex that you may want to be aware of: Hexoxyethanol, Sulfonic Acids, Fragrance, C14-17-SEC-Alkane and Sodium Salts. Any fluid that can come in contact with my skin or lungs is evaluated thoroughly. My household cleaners are now Method. Method cleaners/products are non-toxic, biodegradeable and safe to use. You can buy Method products online and in Target.

While I’m thinking about cleaners, there are some great new gun cleaners out that are non-toxic, biodegradeable and non-flammable. This industry has really forged ahead with bio-friendly or “Green” products. A few of the “green” gun cleaners are Froglube, Fireclean, Otis Bio-CLP, Archoil AR-4200 and M-Pro-7. These products are safe to come in contact with and the fumes are non-toxic. One of these products is even FDA approved…Froglube CLP. You can read more about these products at Gun Cleaning Tips.com.

Fireclean CLP is a interesting non-toxic, biodegradable product that I have used. It has no odor which is really nice. Check it out here…Fireclean CLP Review.

Skin moisturizers get the same screening. No fragrance or alcohols of any kind. Alcohol dries your skin and God only knows what else it does when it gets absorbed in your skin. Fragrances can actually be toxic too. Look for plant based oils like Aloe Vera or vegetable oils. Eucerin is a well known skin moisturizer that is recommended by dermatologists. It has no harsh chemicals in it. Olive Oil is one of the best skin softeners/moisturizers that is 100% safe and natural. It’s also cheap.