Best Price on Swiss Army Knives

Where can you get the best price on Swiss Army knives?

I get this question asked a lot.

I find that it is really hard to beat on Swiss Army knives. They are typically 10-20% less than other websites and shipping is free or if you have Amazon Prime, 2 day shipping is free.

The Swiss Army Champ pocket knife retails for $80 on the Victorinox website. I have seen it listed on for about 20% less plus free shipping.

Swiss Army Champ Pocket Knife

The Swiss Army Champ pocket knife is the king of utility type pocket knives. It features a whopping 33 functions. If you’re looking for a useful tool for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, etc then this is the pocket knife to have. You can depend on Swiss Army knives to perform when the situation is critical. They are all made in Switzerland and backed by a lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship.

All Swiss Army knives are made of stainless steel.

For all the tools the Champ includes, it still can fit just about anywhere…shirt pocket, purse, tackle box, pants pocket, top drawer, night stand, gun range bag, etc.

The Swiss Army Champ Pocket Knife retails for $80.00

Here are the functions of the Swiss Army Champ

  1. Large Blade
  2. Small Blade
  3. Corkscrew
  4. Can Opener with
  5. Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws)
  6. Bottle Opener with
  7. Large Screwdriver
  8. Wire Stripper
  9. Reamer
  10. Key Ring
  11. Tweezers
  12. Toothpick
  13. Scissors
  14. Multi-purpose Hook (Parcel Carrier)
  15. Wood Saw
  16. Fish Scaler with
  17. Hook Disgorger
  18. Ruler (in/cm)
  19. Nail File with
  20. Nail Cleaner
  21. Metal File
  22. Metal Saw
  23. Fine Screwdriver
  24. Chisel/Scraper
  25. Pliers with
  26. Wire Cutter
  27. Wire Crimper
  28. Phillips Screwdriver
  29. Magnifying Lens
  30. Pressurized Ballpoint Pen
  31. Straight Pin
  32. Patented Mini-Screwdriver
  33. Sewing Eye