Used Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera

Used Nikon D90 Price: How Much Are They?

Here is the short answer…$99-$120 for “Good” condition, $115-$180 for “Very Good” and $180-$350 for “Like New”.

These are very low prices and real bargains for second hand Nikon D90 cameras. A new Nikon D90 sells for about $1299.00.

So what’s the scoop on used Nikon D90 cameras?

Some people think used cameras are junk. And some used cameras are, like the cheaper ones. But a $1300 camera is not going to be abused by the owner. It’s just too expensive for that. Any photographer or person that buys a new Nikon D90 for $1300 is going to take very good care of it. They are not going to drop it or bump it or let their 5 year kid play with it. It’s just too much money at risk.

Most serious photo buffs take very good care of their cameras. They usually have it professionally cleaned and tested once a year by a Nikon repair shop. These cameras are spotless and 100% functionally perfect. I have seen a few used Nikons and I have to tell you they looked new. No scratches or dents anywhere. There were some minor wear marks on the body but otherwise Like New.

Used Nikon D90 Warranty – Is there one?

Yes, most used Nikon’s will have some sort of warranty. Most of them that I have seen had a 180 day warranty. It anything goes wrong before 180 days, it gets repaired free of charge.

Used Nikon D90 Examples

Used Nikon D90 Camera

This one is considered “Good Condition” and priced at $149.99. It comes with Battery Charger, Body Cap, 15000 battery, Strap and Screen Protector. Wear is 9/10 and functionality is 10/10. Very nice camera! You can check it out here….Shop at

Here is another that is in Very Good Condition and priced at $179.99

Used Nikon D90 VG Condition

This is very nice and comes with everything a new D90 comes with but for much less money. This one does not come with a box and the warranty has expired but there is a 30 day money back guarantee.