Canon Rebel T5i Body Refurbished

Canon T5i Body Refurbished

So what is a refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T5i digital camera?

A refurbished T5i is one that was originally bought New and then returned to the seller. The return could have been for anything like scratches or dents or functional issues or even missing parts or a missing manual. Today you can return a purchase for just about any reason. Anyway, once the camera is returned to the seller, the seller then contacts Canon and sends the returned T5i to a certified Canon repair station.

The Canon repair station inspects and tests the camera. If it fails a test, it is repaired with New Canon parts and retested. Any damaged (scratched or dented) parts are replaced with new parts. Once it passes all tests and is cleaned, it is repackaged with everything that comes with a New Canon camera. It is then sent to a Canon retailer or Dealer for resale.

Refurbished Canon cameras cannot be sold as New. Canon does not permit this. It must be sold as Refurbished and discounted. The discount is usually pretty large and makes it worthwhile to buy. The discount can be anywhere from $50 – $1000 depending on the model. On a Canon EOS Rebel T5i Body Only refurbished, you might expect a discount of $100-$150. There are about 50+ refurbished and used Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital SLR Cameras here to check out….Shop Now at

Why Buy a Refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T5i Body Only?

  1. Save $100-$150
  2. Get a “Like New” T5i – cleaned, inspected and tested.
  3. Lots of inventory to shop from which means you can shop price and save more
  4. Buy a higher end Canon camera for the price of a lower end new camera

Canon Rebel Refurbished T6 DSLR

Canon Rebel Refurbished T6 Digital SLR Camera – $200 discount

What is a Refurbished Canon T6 Camera?

It’s the biggest “secret” in the photography industry. Very few people know about refurbished cameras. The most attractive aspect about refurbished cameras is the price….it’s discounted Big Time!

Refurbished Canon Rebel T6 DSLR Camera

Here’s the bottom line….you save money and get a “like new” camera.

Now I’ll explain what refurbished means.

A refurbished Canon T6 is one that was bought as New and then returned to the retail store for some reason. The reason could be it was broken or damaged but it could also be returned for missing parts or wrong model. Today, you can return anything for any or no reason. Scratches are a common reason cameras are returned. The refurbished cameras that I bought looked New and had no scratches or dents and they didn’t even have any dust on them. They were spotless and took wonderful photos.

The returned cameras are sent to a certified Canon repair station and inspected, cleaned and repaired, if needed. They are 100% functionally tested and must pass every test. After they pass all tests and are certified, the cameras are repackaged in the original box with all paperwork and accessories. Now they are sent to a Canon dealer or retail store to be resold as refurbished.

Canon retailers and dealers will discount refurbished cameras quite a bit depending on model. On the Canon Rebel T6, discounts can be from $100-$200 off the price of a new Rebel T6. You get a Like New camera for hundreds less. These are great deals!

Where to Buy a Refurbished Canon Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

You find them occasionally at your local camera store and sometimes at Pawn Stores but the best selection is online. Here is a link to the biggest online camera retailer…Shop Now at