Canon 60D Refurbished DSLR

Canon EOS 60D Refurbished Digital SLR Camera

Why Buy a Refurbished Canon EOS 60D?

  1. Save money – about $50-$150
  2. 100% inspected, cleaned and repaired
  3. “Like New” camera for less
  4. Get a higher end camera for the price of a lower end New camera
  5. Large refurbished inventory means you can shop price and get a great deal or get extras free

Refurbished Canon EOS 60D Camera

Where to Buy a Refurbished Canon EOS 60D Camera?

You can buy refurbished Canon cameras at any Canon Dealer or select retailers but the best selection is online. Here is a link where you will find the best selection of refurbished Canon cameras…Shop Now at

What is a Refurbished Canon EOS 60D?

A refurbished camera is a camera that was bought new and returned to the store for some reason. The reason could be defects, missing parts, broken box or scratches. Today, you can return a purchase for just about any reason so it’s not always a broken item.

Once the retail store receives the returned camera, they contact Canon to get instructions on what to do. The returned camera is then sent to a certified Canon repair station. It is inspected, tested and then repaired if needed. After the camera has passed all functionality tests, it is repackaged and sent back to a Canon dealer or retailer. It now cannot be sold as New. It must be marked as Refurbished and discounted. The discounts are usually pretty significant like a hundred to several hundred dollars depending on the model.

Refurbished cameras are as good as new, functionally and cost less. They are a great deal. I have bought several and was pleasantly surprised because they appeared New.